The Room crashed when third user join

hello all , I installed jitsi-meet on my AWS server , everything work when only 2 users in the room, when the third join the room crash and disconnected for all users,
I allowed UDP port 10000 , still the same issue.

Note : I installed Jitsi-meet from scratch and I didn’t edit any configurations.

Test that your port 10000 is effectively working with the following procedure:

sudo systemctl stop jitsi-videobridge2
nc -l 10000 -u
echo "123" | nc -u (your public address) 10000

if you don’t see 123 appear on the server console, go to your hoster console thingy and enable the port UDP/10000 in the firewall settings.

As an alternative, use this installer.

It will check potential connectivity problems and many other conditions before starting the installation