The remote participant not displayed on the particpant list

the remote participant was not displayed on the participant list if he didn’t enter the name.!!

can we display the name as a Guest user ? since he didn’t enter the name.

and also raise hand indicator is not shown on the mobile participant list.

First point I can’t reproduce on both stable (6433) and unstable (6557), on a PC (latest Chrome). Missing name->display ‘Fellow Jitster’ (default value set in interface_config.js IIRC)

Same here.

@1Ajay Have you checked for some errors in your js console? Do you have custom code?

@damencho No there are no custom code changes… I was at the master branch.
I am able to reproduce both above scenarios… here are some more screenshots of the terminal.
and I not getting any error messages.

for this above screenshot I didn’t enter any name… on the web it’s fine but in the case of mobile, I see participant count as 2 but no names!!

@gpatel-fr in PC it’s fine… if you see the screenshot it’s on Mobile not on PC.

@saghul I repro this with the latest jitsi-meet beta on android, any idea?

@saghul any updates

What commit are you on? @robertpin fixed this some time ago.

Hmm, if I remember correctly that fix was part of the Search participants PR. I can see the search field in the screenshots so it should work.
I’ll have a look tomorrow

@saghul @robertpin I have taken the latest changes till today …then also it’s the same behavior.

last commit
Author: Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
Date: Wed Nov 10 17:24:14 2021 +0100
chore(tech-debt) remove dead code

@1Ajay The fix was just merged in master (commit eec8b9e)

@robertpin thank you… able to see the participants if the user didn’t enter the name…

but one more issue is still pending raise hand indicator is not shown.

Hey @1Ajay, sorry for the delay. There’s a PR for that, it should be merged today or tomorrow

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@robertpin Thank you