The recording menu item is always disabled when enableFeaturesBasedOnToken is set in config.js

I’m not sure this is a bug or I’m missing something.

My system:

  • latest stable Jitsi (jitsi-meet 2.0.7577-1) on Debian 11 Bullseye
  • token authentication is enabled and it works as expected
  • tested using Chrome Version 104.0.5112.79

When I enable enableFeaturesBasedOnToken in config.js, the following menu items are always disabled for all cases:

  • recording
  • livestreaming
  • screen-sharing

I tried:

  • moderator or normal account
  • I set the features as true (boolean) or as "true" (string) in token

Token sample:

  "aud": "myappid",
  "iss": "myappid",
  "sub": "*",
  "room": "*",
  "iat": 1660125680,
  "exp": 1660129280,
  "context": {
    "features": {
      "recording": true,
      "livestreaming": true,
      "screen-sharing": true

After some tests:

  • it works as expected if there is a user param in context
  • it doesn’t work if there is no user param in context although features exists

So, there is no problem for my use-cases because I always set a username in token.

But there is still a problem, right? Maybe create an issue and for this one … :slight_smile:

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