The recording has stopped message is came after pushing on the start record button

Hi All!
The following message comes after I push the starting recorder button: Recording has stopped
The Jibri installation is on a separate server.
ChromeDriver 81.0.4044.69

I append some log information.
jicofo_log.txt (4.2 KB) jicofo_log_after_starting_jibri.txt (797 Bytes)
Jibri log when I start a recording:
jibri_log_0.txt (13.7 KB)

I put these values (c2s_require_encryption = false, consider_bosh_secure = true) under /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua.

In addition, if I start a recording from Jitsi, on the Jibri server, in the directory selected for recording, the following directory: ‘zfqyoxurzfyforep’ has been created and this directory contains a file metadata.json.
(The name of the newly created directory is always changing after I start a new recording.)

The port 5222 is opened on Jibri and Jitsi servers.

Could anyone help me what should I do?

I’m facing the same problem. I have jitsi and jibri on the same server (Ubuntu 18.04). First thought that maybe the hardware is to weak so i gave my vm 4 cores and 10GB of memory but didn’t help. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

Hi Matthias!
I think my problem is connected to the SSL certification on the Jitsi side. On the Jitsi server side, I cannot create a valid SSL certification and because of this, the error continuously come.
Maybe the problem is the same for you.
Check this out:
Groot90 said:

What do you think?

Hi Berti1

It was really a problem with the certificate. Now it’s working. Thanks a lot.




Yes, I had also the same problem. It’s working for me too. Thanks for your feedback.