The recorder does not work

What about the recorder? It does not work.

Is this on your deployment or on

I have the same problem with live straming. I use the free online version.

It means all the available recorders in your region are being used. Try again another time.

Thank you for your response. But I’ve tried several times since this morning and it is still unavailable.

We will check it out, thank you for the report.

Here too (I’m in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)… I’ve got this error 2 weeks ago, without any success. Today I’ve tried several times and always get this error.

Hi @mhdpessanha , was this error fixed the next day ? I’ll have an important visioconference tomorrow.
Best regards

Unfortunately, no. I didn’t need to record since then until today, when I found I still have this issue… Don’t know what to do, it’s not a Dropbox storage problem because I have more than 50% of free space…