The participants cannot listen between themselves

I have using Jitsi from long time ago and everything was working fine. But, the last three days it has been working poorly from 7 to 9 pm (in the rest of the day it is working well). If two or more participants enter into the conference room, this happen:

  • When one participant try to activate the microphone, the others do not listen to him, they do not see him, neither see the mic indicator on.
  • Sometimes jitsi shows the notice: “unfortunately something wrong is happened”
  • Lost signal indicator is show by jitsi
    It happens for around 30 minutes, then jitsi work well as normal
    I am using Jitsi´s IFRAME API as is explained en IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook. However, Jitsi is failed in the same way using the jitsi app or either.
    The participants used:
    • PC with Win 10, Google Chrome
    • Smartphones (Android and IOS), Google Chrome or manufacturer’s explorer.
    Anyone knows why it is happening? And how can I fix or solve it?

We had detected few capacity issues the last 24 hours which are now fixed.