The others see me with video off but I see it on

I modified the version of Jitsi 8218 so that when starting a room there is the Lobby active by default.
Clearly only those who know the password can enter or knock.

The moderator (we expect only one, i.e. the first to enter) will enter the room thanks to the password.

The prejoin system is active so regardless of the presence of the lobby or not, this page will appear.

I wanted to refine the system so as not to present the prejoin (and premeeting) to the moderator who starts the room by doing the following development:

  • in the premeeting page I avoid doing the default render if the room is the one of the moderator (I do a proper check of the name of the room and of the one that the moderator has associated in our db…)
  • in the prejoin page in the componentDidMount I directly launch the _onJoinButtonClick simulating the manual click on the “Ask to join” button.

Moderator client side will come JitsiConferenceErrors.MEMBERS_ONLY_ERROR event

and in the conference.js I made;
and the moderator enters his room correctly.

This all works quite well.

Participant side, when you try to enter a room, you land on the prejoin with the premeeting on the left, and you are asked to participate after entering your name.
The knock comes to the moderator who will decide whether to accept or not …

Everything runs smoothly.

However, occasionally it happens that the moderator is seen with the video off by the participants who enter the room afterwards. In the moderator’s client console I can’t find any indications that can make me understand what the anomaly is.
Even if I try to turn the webcam on and off, nothing changes… the only way to fix this is F5, and after that everything works fine.
Do you have any suggestions?

Did I break something without realizing it? and why does it often work well and occasionally does this anomaly occur?

thank you very much in advance.

@damencho do you have any idea?

Is it possible that the participant joined just before jicofo in the room?

I modified this part by moving the launch of the onJoin in the componentDidUpdate.

For now, the anomaly of the first user who enters but the others don’t see him active on the webcam does not manifest itself.

In this way all the services are activated because they have a little more time to complete?