The other person does not hear me or see me, but I hear and see them

I know this is not new. But I haven’t got what’s wrong from those threads I have read :slight_smile:
Yeah, I am not so tech-savvy…

So, please explain why some people I have 1-1 calls with see and hear me perfectly, and others don’t hear and see me at all, or maybe see me for a second and then I disappear for them?

Thanks a lot!!!

p2p sometimes has issues due networking. Check you access to TURN servers

Thanks for replying! How do I check that?

checking on turn server is not trivial. Maybe it could be easier to disable p2p.

Start your meeting, if the meeting’s name was, say, ‘meeting-reference-4258’, with an additional parameter like that:

Send to the other participant the normal URL (no need to add the parameter).
In case of problems, also try to make sure that participants use recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

For Chrome it can be tested with ‘about Chrome’ and ‘recent’ currently means >= 92