The new wellcome page is kind of buggy

Hi guys,

Neigther the old nor the new wellcome page is a peace of art. And I, being a terminal rat with no sence for colors & fonts, being the last to criticize. (A smart guy wouldn’t nag, but fix the issue)
Than again, an old version (2.0.4857-1), the wellcome page consists of a single “block”, meaning, I can get away with a single definition of background and zooming in doesn’t make stuff disappear. (Talking about the field for typing in the meeting name and the “Go” button)
The new 2.0.5390-3 requires me to define the bachground for the head, the body and the footer and zooming in distroys the layout, as the recents list overlaps the field and the button.
Anyone knows, how I can get to the old interface, still having the features of the new version? (cam during presentation and stuff like that)

Any ideas would be highly appreciated!

found out even more fun stuff, after having been reported, that “enterRoomTitle” is missing in the new version, I deployed a new instance, to be sure it was not me, that messed up. No, it truelly is missing.
Than I checked /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/app.bundle.min.js and there is a “enterRoomTitle”:“Start a new meeting” , there is even the old “Go!” button defined. That I great, me thinking, if it can be possible to have the old wellcomePage and only the wellcomePage, keeping all the bells and whistles of the new version, like having both cam & screenshare on.

Any thoughts would be great!