The jitsi meet program for android doesn't use mobile data


the jitsi meet program for android doesn’t work when I switch the phone it’s running on from WLAN to mobile data. The firewall log shows that there are no connection attempts to my jitsi meet server at all. The phone says that the jitsi meet program has not used any mobile data. I even restarted the phone with WLAN disabled in case something might be stuck.

It does work when I switch the phone over to use WLAN.

Is there some setting I couldn’t find, or is the android program broken? It’s kinda useless when you need WLAN to use it.

Is this on Are you using the stock Android Jitsi app?

Thank you for your reply!

It’s with my own server which is running a Debian VM for jitsi meet. How I could I tell if the client is stock? I simply used fdroid to install it.

Ok, if you downloaded the app on Fdroid, then it’s more than likely the stock app.

Do you experience the same thing if you use the app to start or join a meeting at

I’m getting the same experience: It connects with when WLAN is enabled and it does not connect when WLAN is disabled and mobile data is (supposedly) being used.

Mobile data does work, though, since web browsers on the phone can load web pages when WLAN is disabled now, and a couple days ago I used the phone as WLAN access point for a laptop with which I was then able to make a ssh connection from the laptop to a remote site on port 40000-something, which would indicate that ports like that aren’t blocked. Sending messages and images through my XMPP server also works when mobile data is being used.

So I still suspect that using mobile data is somehow blocked for the jitsi client.

Ok, I finally found it, it was a hidden implicit setting about background data usage. Android really sucks in that it is anything but user friendly and is more concerned with preventing users from using their expensive devices by blocking everything, than everything else.