The jitsi for Desktop is automatically disconnected and does not connect any more.

I have the problem that I install jitsi on the PC (version 2.10.5550 x64) and I set up the user today, but for tomorrow I have to put the password to log in again because it lost that configuration.

This “loss of information” is happening with another PC that is physically distant from where I am.

And I want both PC’s to be able to communicate without having to reconfigure the user of the other PC since I have to connect remotely to this one, which means loss of time.

I have also had the inconvenience that once I configure the user of the distant PC, it takes up to 1 full day to see this user connected, but after the day of waiting for it to connect, I see it 1 day connected and for the next day it is already disconnected again.

How can I solve this?