The iframe tag cannot open the local camera


If I use the jitsi in the iframe tag, I can load out the page, but I can’t open the local camera, failed to set up the track, failed to get the stream, what’s the problem?


How are you loading it over http or https?


loading it over https


Are you using the iframe API or your own iframe? If it’s the latter, you need to add “allow=“camera; microphone;” to your iframe definition.


yes…chrome has deprecated auto load feature for microphone and camera in its previous updates in 2018. In iframe tag src=" " allow=“geolocation; microphone; camera”. Valid values for allow include:

  • geolocation
  • microphone
  • camera
  • midi
  • encrypted-media


I’m using the iframe API, adding allow and still can’t get video


adding allow and still can’t get video


have you tried opening in other browsers… Firefox n all?


Firefox works, chrome doesn’t.


In many scenarios, chrome doesn’t work with webrtc services. may be that can be an issue. are you able to run on chrome without iframe? Try


can run on chrome without iframe


plz share a screenshot by inspecting the page in console.



This error seems to be an SSL certification problem. Chrome restricts this if SSL doesn’t support and you need to be follow secure protocols by https:// . This is caused due to service workers and you can’t do anything because protocols doesn’t command a proper relay from iframe to original or you can say global working environment. You can just try by typing in URL chrome://flags and then in Advanced search for a section “Insecure origins treated as secure” and enable it. Try it and let me know.


I see. Thanks for your reply


Hi, today I saw a post related to your problem - & . Now here you can understand what I wanted to say.