"The description does not look like plan-b"

Hi. I’ve got a custom installation of Jitsi and we’re trying to figure out a difficult to catch problem. In tracking this, I’ve noticed that whenever I click on mic., the console gives the following warning: The description does not look like plan-b. This comes from the following in interop.js…

// Make sure this is a plan-b sdp.
        if (session.media.length > 3 || session.media.every(m => PLAN_B_MIDS.indexOf(m.mid) === -1)) {
            console.warn('The description does not look like plan-b');

            return description;

Is this an indicator of anything going wrong?

No, this just means that your deployment is on Unified plan, which is where all deployments need to be by the end of the year because Plan B is being switched off. So, you’re good.

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OK, thanks.

I’m looking to get help with this problem at this point and am looking for someone who is highly qualified and supremely knowledgeable with all things Jitsi. Know of anyone like this?

What problem? That message does not indicate a problem.

The problem is your avatar. It makes you look lowly qualified and supremely unknowledgeable

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@emrah Oh dear! :rofl:

Don’t care about the icon, just care about getting it fixed. :grinning:

Problem: This happens in a reproducible way when FF is involved. It also happens on Chrome, but it is much less frequent and not reproducible.

Steps to reproduce…

  • One person on FF one on Chrome.
  • Both go on mic
  • Chrome user goes off mic, then on mic again
  • FF user cannot hear anymore but chrome user can still hear FF user

This does not happen on Jitsi meet though. That’s why I’m looking for someone who is " highly qualified and supremely knowledgeable".

@Freddie or @emrah : Would you be able to do some debugging with me on this? Would be happy to pay for your time, of course.

I have no idea about this subject