The correct way to install jitsi-meet with custom GUI webpage


Hello , My purpose is to create a individual server in our working space LAN,
and using jitsi-meet with custom GUI in our webGL page for conference.(The reason is for auto recording.)

I actually follow the quick install jitsi-meet guide on Clean Ubuntn 16.0.4 with Nginx,
The problem is : the jitsi-meet site works fine in our LAN.but the webpage seems result uneditable

I’ve seen that lib-jitsi-meet can make custom webpage GUI with jitsi-meet,
though there’s a little installation guide or example about,
how to use custom webpage API connecting to our jitsi Server,instead of the default video conference.

I wonder,are there any configuration or guide that i can follow with?

Sorry for my poor eng and thanks for any reply!


Hi, there is this example code for using lib-jitsi-meet:
This is the only simple example we have for the library the rest is using jitsi-meet and its code for examples.


OK,I’ll try that.
But I also wonder how to run the custom webpage with jitsi-meet server?
(Enter the IP/Hostname will enter our custom webpage,not room selection)