The container containing nginx died simultaneously on several hosts

I own 5 Jitsi servers, all installed through Docker and updated to version 7001 on March 17 and 18, respectively.
Everything was fine until yesterday and today when I woke up that all the servers became inaccessible at around midnight, after 8 weeks in which everything was perfect.
What is strange is that two servers were upgraded on March 17 and were left without http access 2 days ago and the other 3 that were upgraded on March 18 had the same fate last night.
The only information I have about what happened refers to the fact that those web containers were not completely closed but the nginx process inside died but without finding any relevant log about the event.
Has anyone encountered this problem before?

If relevant:

  • All servers use Ubuntu 20.04
  • Servers are hosted on different physical equipment.

Best regards, Florin.

Were you using Let’s Encrypt? The only thing I can think of is that the cron job to renew the certs failed and could not reload the process. I think we have a log file for let’s encrypt.

Yes, I use Let’s encrypt.

Do you still have access to a failed container to take a look?

Yes, but service restarted.
Let me know what you need and I’ll post here.
Thank you!

I’d like to see all logs from the nginx container. Also any logsfiles in the acme directory, if they exist.