The camera is turned off when screen sharing is finished

I use the jitsi apk on my xcode project in swift with screen sharing.
When the user is on the visio with the camera on and then he shares his screen, then takes it off. His camera is turned off and he has to turn it back on manually. How can I leave the basic camera status when I leave screen sharing?
Knowing that this is my first project in swift.
Thank you for your help.

It’s not currently possible to share both at the same time. The camera will resume once screen-sharing is finished.

Yes I understand but when the screen sharing is finished the camera stays off instead of turning on again unfortunately (camera on before the screen sharing).

What SDK version are you using?

In my podfile :
pod ‘JitsiMeetSDK’

I followed this documentation: iOS SDK | Jitsi Meet
Where can I see the version? I’m really new to swift and xcode :confused:

Then you are using the latest, that is, 7.0.1. We have fixed that for the next SDK version.

No ETA for when it will be released, we are still ironing some bugs out.

Okay, thanks for the information. I will wait for the next update.
Good day to you