The browser asks twice for audio permission


I wonder for what reason Chrome/Edge asks for audio permission twice.
Any ideas?


Is this on or on your own server? I just tested on, it only asked once.

Unfortunately, I forgot to mention that this is my own server and when using jitsi iFrame

What steps do you follow to get 2 prompts?

I open an iframe where I see the message This meeting needs your microphone and video
Then, the browser ask for audio permission (I am using the startAudioOnly mode). I accept, then a sip call started and again the browser ask for audio permission.
I am investigating the problem and it may be the cause of the browser configuration.
I will check and get back to you

A SIP call? Using a different library?

I am using Jigasi to make SIP call and the following function:

api.invite([ {…}, {…}, {…} ]).then(() => {
// success
}).catch(() => {
// failure

Ah that. I don’t see why that would cause another call to gUM.