The best way to embed JITSI on website

Hi all again,

dumb question maybe, but I am afraid I am not doing the things in the best way they should be done and that’s why I am facing some errors.

I have a custom private instance running o my AWS server
calling a chat conference there works quite fine, even if on Safari things are not smooth (I’m waiting for the final update)

I have “main” site, which I would like to embed the jitsi conference.
I intend to perform further tuning, such as custom conference slug, that’s why I don’t want to use AWS direct domain.

Running from within this website though, things are not working.

This is part of jQuery code invoking the conference from within the “” website

    if (act == 'new') {
			var title = urlParams.getAll('confTitle')[0];
			var randomID = randomName(8);
			$('.roomURL').html("Ecco l'ID della conferenza che puoi condividere: <span class='badge badge-secondary'>" + randomID + "</span>");

//BASICALLY: I generate a random ID and below, I -->try<-- to start a conference 
//there is also a JOIN action user can perform by inheriting the above randomID 

		var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, {
					roomName: randomID,
					parentNode: document.querySelector('#videoContainer')
		api.executeCommand("subject", title);

	else if (act == 'join') {
		var cID = urlParams.getAll('confID')[0];
		var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, {
			roomName: cID,
			parentNode: document.querySelector('#videoContainer')

what do you think?

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Hey Matteo, your code is great.

after some time digging, i found your issue.
your web server return some header Feature-Polic header:

accelerometer ‘none’;ambient-light-sensor ‘none’;autoplay ‘none’;camera ‘none’;encrypted-media ‘none’;fullscreen ‘self’;geolocation ‘self’;gyroscope ‘none’;magnetometer ‘none’;microphone ‘none’;midi ‘none’;payment ‘self’;picture-in-picture ‘none’;speaker ‘self’;sync-xhr ‘none’;usb ‘none’;vibrate ‘none’;vr ‘none’;

because fo the headers, the iframe is not able to ask for camera and microphone permission


uh gosh, and how can I kill those headers?
i have mounted on a pre-build template to speed up a process which is getting slow due to that :smiley:

do you think that solved this issue, this workflow is correct and compliant with JISTI methods?

in any case I can’t see such “feature-policy” in my headers…

the issue is not on your Jitsi instance,but on the main website

yes I made out that point as you have been really clear :slight_smile: but still i cannot find such header…
nor they are sent from my header.php website :confused:

Did you check your web server configuration?

will look into it!

please don’t leave me in the meanwhile :slight_smile:

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Hey Matteo,

sorry I see this message only now.
Please check the initial query loading the html page, not the http-bind query…

have another look at the request URL from the picture I posted earlier.

Hello again, thank you very much for still trying to help me here! :slight_smile:

unluckily I cannot find any initial query different fromt the bind one.
Once I launch a new conference the landing page with the iframe is loaded and there I can only see the list of calls is reported.

in any case could it be a theme issue or a server one?

Hi Matteo,

can you open your developpement console before reloading the whole page.
We are speaking about the initial query loading the whole html page

You can also check the header using curl
curl -vvv



found such creazy header added in webhost config panel.

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