The best way for local auto recording when using Jitsi iframe api

Hi. everyone. I am a newbie to Jitsi meet.

I build my own video conference website using react and jitsi iframe api.
Now I want local auto recording. and I don’t want to let Participantes know this.
What is the best solution for this problem?
Please help me with a detailed explanation.
(if need, I can host my own jitsi meet linux server. but however I have to use iframe api)
Best regards and thank you.

Welcome to the forum.

I started to respond and then, I saw this line:

Are you saying you don’t want participants to be able to record or you don’t want participants to know they’re being recorded?

I have used screencastify, for local recording, I am not sure if you can auto record.

Thank you @Freddie
Yes. I don’t want participants to know they’re being recorded.
And I made the record button disable.
But I want auto local recording in background

This is a privacy issue. It poses a lot of legal concerns. Not something we support as a community, sorry.

privacy issue? this is for only my own company. I think that doesn’t contain any legal issue. And we have to record all video conference. and those are all legal and official.
And what I want is the technical problem.

It is a privacy issue whenever you record someone without their knowledge. Why do you think we have recording indicators (and even a distinct voice announcement) when recording is turned on? Again, this is just not something the community supports.

That is because all conference have to be recorded. but there are someone forget about recording. so we think about this way.

If you think about legal issue. we will make record enable. but however auto local recoding is needed