Thanks to your for creating Jisti! Happy ILoveFS day 2021!

Hi Jitsi (Meet) developers and contributors,
I’d just like to take a moment to say thanks to you all. You’ve made an incredible software (Jitsi Meet) that offers actually a lot of elaborate features like remote desktop (desktop app), screensharing even on Android and a working and – probably the most important thing – a stable experience even through hours-long meetings/sessions.

It’s awesome how easy you made it to use (a web link is enough) and also the server setup is really easy (I’ve heard so). This enables one to host it themselves and as such everyone can use it without having a central point-of-failure.
As such, you’ve made a really great product that helps us in this times to #stayconnected even though we may stay apart physically from friends or family. And it’s awesome to see how everyone can use it.
It’s really great to have such a good alternative to the big other companies that tend to profit from the situation and offer their closed-source/proprietary tracking services for such things!

In case I recall correctly, I’ve also used you in the times of the old „Jitsi”, and well… to be honest it was not such of a good thing. Yet alone having to install a software for this task was not really a good thing to convince people to switch. However, thanks to WebRTC and other standardization efforts by browsers, which paved the way for in-browser real-time communication, we now have a easy tool for such tasks that is even secure to use.
Talking about standards, I know cross-browser compatibility is likely hard, but it’s good you keep up the game and don’t close issues and tell people to just use something else. Yes, there are limitations, but for an open, healthy web it’s good to be able to choose and support for multiple browsers is essential for that.

Thanks also for being on and actively supporting integration in – F-Droid the #1 store of FLOSS apps on Android!
I wish you continue to integrate many useful features as you already do (e.g. I’m e.g. curious to use end-to-end/e2e encryption when it is available in Firefox) and continue to built a strong community!
That’s not to say you would not have an awesome community which creates useful meta issues and manages to setup a great wiki with links to Jitsi instances all around the world, random redirect services or “benchmark“-tools for finding the best Jitsi instance. Just continue to use it and make Jitsi a great tool!
Also thanks to 8x8 for hosting I’m sure this easy entrance point and “try it out” demo possibility is a way this got popular as many people found and liked it (even before 2020)!

So that’s why I’m saying thanks to all you, Jisti (Meet) developers and contributors at this year’s I Love Free Software Day! #ILoveFs


Hey there ! Thanks Jitsi Team !

I want to support the above sentiments.

Thanks to all at Jitsi. Last week I ran up a Debian 10 (Buster) VM, and then installed Jitsi-meet using the instructions (see links below), and all worked well.

Ok, I made a few mistakes the fist time, purged the installation (as per the instructions), and ran apt install jitsi-meet again and had no issues, just a great working Jitsi server. In fact it was so easy, I have built two instances, one with Apache2 and one with Ngnix, just to check out the differences.

In both installations the jitsi-meet installation script configured the web server perfectly. So easy to do, and no issues.

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