Thank you so much!

I was looking for a platform like this. I’m so grateful. Please don’t shut it down or turn this into a “pay-to-use” service. It’s just perfect as it is. Tip: enable a donation button, so people without a plan can also help you.

P.s.: At least since yesterday, I’m unable to record because the system is “busy.” I hope it will be solved soon.
P.s.2: Is it possible to keep the camera on after sharing a tab, for example? Every time I share my screen, the camera turns off (and then I have to re-enable it). I wonder if I’m missing out on something.


Welcome to the forum.

Yes it is. Just click on the camera icon while screensharing to turn on your camera again (it’s automatically turned off when screensharing is activated).

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Thank you! <3

Should be back to normal, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for the kind words! We are funded by 8x8, Inc. and are not going anywhere :slight_smile:

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