Thank You Jitsi

I’d like to thank @damencho, @Jonathan_Lennox, @saghul, @dubit0 and the many others who have been kind and helpful.

Admittedly running any program on a platform it wasn’t originally designed for is going to be a headache.

The ability for a child to be able to install Jitsi Meet on their Raspberry Pi, to receive home tuition through Jitsi Meet on a server installation and to feel invested in learning because they could install Jitsi Meet themselves is very special. Especially in this time of isolation.

With a developer hat, you could have shot this down. You guys did not and on other issues you have helped guide me.

Thank you.


Thanks for sharing this! How many people have you been able to have a meeting with when running on a rPi 4 ?

I’ve had 8 people using nspawn64 and the 64-bit Raspbian kernel. But with a caveat if you’re trying to follow my instructions.

I saw a post on GitHub because I wanted to try a docker container for an ARM server that was delayed in the post. I had a Raspberry Pi 4 to hand. You probably need a minimum of 8GB of memory for a production install. The Raspberry Pi 4 at the moment only has up to 4GB in total, if you’re not using nspawn64 or Ubuntu you can probably only allocate 1GB of memory per program. I think somebody asked me for a full set of instructions, which is why I posted my installation notes.

I do not know if the original developers looked at my comments and held their heads because the system is running on less RAM than recommended and on an unsupported platform. It can tie your hands behind your back when somebody finds a new way to use your product that you might not be able to support in future. But when I had an issue with prosody, I was directed to the community. They responded to my question and somebody reading the thread gave me exactly the answer I was looking for.

Using the Raspberry Pi 4 for learning about Jitsi Meet and getting familiar with the components was great. There are times I had my Dad and other members of my family on a call. This was important when somebody burnt down the cell tower leaving quite a few people isolated. A few people in my friends and family group found it on Google. They tried it and as a result some were more enthusiastic about school, even Linux and programming. I know a few other IT professionals use Jitsi on X86/X64 servers because of the enthusiasm.

I am very grateful.

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Great details. On the contrary, developers mostly appreciate when their code can be used and adapted on other platforms. Who knows, you may end up providing community AND commercial support for your type of setup.

So… are YOU the child ? Great stuff, keep exploring, learning and sharing :smiley:

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