Thank you Jitsi Community - Possible suggestion?

A sincere thank you to the individuals working on this project and those in the community that are doing their best to help individuals with their issues.

A reminder to all users trying to get this software going and are struggling. This is free software. There is no large room full of developers with a dedicated tech support team. This is individuals using their free time to try to build something fantastic. So please don’t get frustrated with them when things don’t work as you expected.

Personally, I have the program running…but can’t really use it due to a high cpu usage issue. This is most likely my issue. I am a Microsoft person and not Linux so I am literally just following along with youtube videos and online guides.

My recommendation to the community coming from a Windows background and working for a company that develops commercial applications…if you could, document.

Due to the increasing popularity of your application, you are going to get a lot of users with little to no experience with this type of application (such as myself). We are going to try it, get a little success and then run into issues that we don’t understand. Our immediate action is to read up. I personally find that it is lacking in this area. However, I also understand this. You can either fix a bug, enhance the application…or document that one obscure area.

So again to all, thank you. I really think you are on to something. To those trying the application, hang in there, be patient and contribute where you can.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Can you share a specific list of topics you’d like to see well documented ? I can contribute with documentation but having some feedback about this would help get started.l\