Text encoding issue weird characters for emoji and some labels

Emojis and some text labels show weird characters: 😃 on latest stable build. We have been able to replicate this easely on 3 new installs.

It is apparent to a text encoding issue, but after looking it up with our dev team we suspect an issue with webpack modules…

I’ve included screenshots of an instance using the latest stable version. The tests were run on Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Chromium.

@franckadil Am facing this same issue, Is there any solution?

@Sylvester_S The solution that worked for me was to update the software repository to the stable Jitsi release branch and install the latest version.

I suppose this happens mainly on the nightly builds. I hope this can be helpful to you.

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@franckadil It worked. Reinstalled with the stable release and emojis appears fine. Thank you!