Test Meeting Security

Hello. I decided to test jitsi. I started a number of calls named “Test Meeting”. I was not the only one. I found 3 times I started my “Test Meeting” call 3 other users were doing the same thing. They had their cameras on and I could see them and their homes. This does not give me much confidence in the system. It would seem to me, at a minimum the system should prevent users from starting calls with the same name much like usernames in general.

Jitsi has a feature to set password which would avoid the situation you mentioned. The platform offers many options to secure the meeting - it’s up to the user to use it.

Use Random meeting names, set password to the meeting and give it to the participants only, secure domain and more.

Ok thank you. I think however in an effort to make it easy for people to simply click on the “Start a Call” button on the home page, the features you mentioned have not been made obvious and clear and it could be a little disconcerting to possibly find yourself looking at some stranger in their kitchen , even if it is obvious they are trying to work out the system like you are. A simple notice I think would help.