Test Jitsi Live Stream stopped by Youtube (Inappropriate content)

I just found Jitsi and thought I would test it out. It looks like it might be a good solution for my work with everyone working from home.

I was testing out the Youtube Live stream feature and I got about 3 minutes in and Youtube killed my stream saying it violated YouTube’s Policies. Inappropriate content.

Is this common? All the stream had was 3 video feeds of my face from my desktop and two mobile devices. With me occasionally saying test or it is working.

I really don’t care about my test stream but I just don’t want any problems when I actually do this for real. Did I just have beginners bad luck with the all powerful Youtube AI or is this a common occurrence?

I don’t know YouTube’s policy there, but this is the first instance of this issue I’ve heard of.

That is good to know. I will have to try it again and see what happens. I just found it very strange. I admit working from home I may have let myself go a little bit. Maybe my face was the inappropriate content. :slight_smile:


YouTube posted a notice on the top of their Creator Studio that said something like, “Due to the pandemic, we will have fewer humans monitoring YouTube. That means more videos will be flagged incorrectly for inappropriate content. We apologize for the inconvenience.”


Ahh that is probably what is going on. I guess we will see what the algorithm thinks of my real stream next week. lol I will just record it just to be safe and upload it if the live stream gets killed.

Thanks for you help everyone.

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Same here with a test video streamed the last 24th of March. Te video was three people connected with different 6 devices to the same session. The video was marked as inappropriate the same day.

A real session streamed yesterday with the same system but in a different Google Account is still online.

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I have the same problem on Youtube and I see that the previous posts are dated March 27th.
I was also streaming a standard meeting (no sensitive content nor copyright music…)
Do you have also received any similar complaints/feedback?
If so, did you have a chance to fix this problem or is it still due to automatic unexplained flags?