Test call without cam

Hi, is it possible to start a call without a cam?
there is the lastn value that I can modify to star a call without audio after N users.
Is there a way to do the same with the cam?

My browser is chromium, I need that the client does not send video to the videobridge.

Thank you.

If you have you own deployment you can edit this:

The number after which participants will be audio or video muted.

Or if you want to force video mute you can use the link:

thanks for your help

I installed jitsi-meet using the ubuntu repo.
could you tell me where is the config.js file that I have to modify?
I found only this file /usr/share/doc/jitsi-meet-web-config/config.js, but if I modify it I don’t see the update file if I download it (https://server/config.js)


/etc/jitsi/meet/HOSTNAME-config.js is what you modify.
Files in /usr/share/doc/ are documentation and other resources, the configuration files are in /etc/

Thanks for you help