Terminating SSL on AWS network load balancer, and installing jitsi without generating certificate

Hi, we are using ACM to generate certificate which has been added to AWS NLB listener. Currently we terminate ssl on nlb but Jitsi was still configured with a self-signed certificate while installation.
Initially I tried installing jitsi without generating certificate, but ran into some issues.
So, is this possible or recommended? I am thinking from a performance perspective, offloading ssl decryption to nlb. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

The default installation of Jitsi Meet comes with SSL, but there is no problem removing it. Just comment out the SSL related lines in Nxginx config and as you are terminating the SSL on the load balancer, it will work fine.
Is it recommened - well it all comes down to the level of trust you put on it. Youโ€™ll be using AWS, so if you trust it, itโ€™s ok. You can use the private IPs between NLB and Meet instance, so that you add up on security and at the same time maybe have higher speed on the private vpc.

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