Telephone fees when dialing in to oversea number

when I want to join a meeting via phone dial in to the Germany number, I can only listen to the meeting, but no one else can hear me. When dialing the (default) US number, I can listen and be heard.
What fees will be charged, if I call the US number from Germany? Will this be standard fees for US calls? What do I have to do to achieve a full two ways participation to the meeting using the german dial in number?

Thank you very much for your effort!
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We don’t charge any fees for the service offered on Standard carrier costs apply. As for the German number not working, we can look into that!

Hello Saghul,
just to be 100% clear on this: If you say “standard carrier costs apply…” that means if I call the US number from Germany, standard fees for a transatlantic phone call will apply, correct?

Correct. Also, please re-check the German number, our carrier told me they haven’t noticed any problems recently. It might have been a transient issue.