Telephone connection to is garbled


I stumbled across whilst installing as it was included in it. I’ve been testing it for a couple of weeks and at first it worked very well. Recently however, when calling into a conf call using the telephone numbers the sound has been garbled with an ongoing background noise of pops and clicks that make it of little use to the person calling in by phone.

Also, in a series of test calls I made today the conf is not picking up any sound made by the person calling in by phone. They could hear (pops squeeks clicks n all) but not speak.

So there seems to be some issue with the telephone call in aspect.

Any update as to what the issue is and plans to fix it much appreciated.

PS I used Chrome, Vivaldi and Brave browsers in these tests.



Is it like robotic sound? Can you send me the meeting name you were using (privately if you want) so I can investigate and report it to our provider.



Never mind I just reproduced it.



Yes - like a robotic sound. I recorded it. Would you like the file ?

I have had that result on several meeting names - I was trying different ones to see if it would go away - and it was the same in all instances.

I’ve just done one on:

The robotic clicks were there, this time the person calling in could be heard but of course through all the clicks and pops.



Yep, I reported it and will come back when I have more info.
Thank you for the report!



Thank you for the prompt response. The service is v good, particularly with the PSTN call in as it lends itself perfectly as a base, a sort of virtual studio, for running online radio shows with a call in facility for listeners. The volume slider on each caller is also v useful - an audio mixing desk inside the call.



The issue of garbled noise interference when phoning in to a conference has been cleared up. I have had clean audio on all calls over the past 5 days. V good call quality.

One last question. Phone callers into the conference can be muted. Once they have been muted, how do they unmute themselves ? Is there a phone key or keys they need to press to unmute themselves ?



Glad to hear it.

There is no such option for now.