Technical requirement for a very small project

I want to create a high quality audio channel for my guitar lessons surviving corona. A small project for some weeks.

I am asking myself, whether jitsi is the right tool?

I have read a about Web RTC and the need of STUN, ICE and TURM-server to create a connection.

Renting such servers or renting web space, which allow to run such servers, would be too expensive and not reasonable for my case.

Are there servers which I can use in a easy way with jitsi for free?

Or let put me this in this way. Is it possible to implement jitsi in a normal Wordpress site, wihthout changing the conditions of my rented web space. (MYSQL and PHP is possible)

For such a use case I’d go with a public jitsi server like the one at
Setting up your own server seems like overkill (I’ve walked a freind through using jitsi for guitar lessons - the public servers work fine).