TeamCloud problems

Hi team.
I noticed that if during a videoconference a participant disconnects abnormally, for example due to a line break, he is always present even if he is not there.
If this person is the moderator, no one can disconnect or mute the others. It would be advisable for there to be a timeout, that after a certain time of inactivity whoever is not actually present in the videoconference is disconnected.

Greetings and thanks

One room where this happened is up-canevese, where there are 3 inactive participants

Greetings and thanks

Probably you are using prosody 0.10, upgrading to 0.11 will fix your issue.

Hi Damencho and thank you for your answer. I connect to the TeamCloud server with the Chrome browser or smartphone, I don’t have a server.
The same problem doesn’t happen with Jitsi.
Thank you very much

So you need to contact the one hosting it to update it