TCP vs UDP / Performance impact?

Dear all,

I am running a jitsi meet instance and I found an interesting difference between my instance and the instance. When I check the connection in the right corner below “more info”, I get on my instance always TCP. In the instance I see always UDP. Because of performance reasons, I would like to offer UDP as well but I didn’t find the configuration for this.

What I checked so far:

  • I checked quick installation and manual installation especially the NAT part
  • I checked the Community but found only problems with TCP …
  • My instance is running on a root server directly on the internet (not NAT).
  • Firewall is configured to allow the following ports:

80 (TCP) -> nginx

443 (TCP/UDP) -> nginx (UDP not necessary I guess?)

4443 (TCP/UDP) -> java videobridge

10000:20000 (UDP)

I found this behaviour on a few other instances as well. Is that a problem at all and do I misinterpret this value? Why is it different on the official instance?

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Is there a working port forward for udp 10000 to the bridge?

Yes, the port is open on the server. I figured out it works when more than 2 people are in the room.
Strange … Is there a config parameter to force always UDP?