TCP for video connections on videbridge2


I’m testing this with a seperate jvb server and udp streams work perfectly using videobridge2.

According to the documentation the videobridge should listen to port 443 or 4443 as a fallback for tcp connections in case udp is not available. If udp port 10000 is blocked on the test machine there won’t be a video/audio stream. If I look with netstat what ports are listening there is nothing on ports 443 or 4443.

Installed and configured authport and tried to add
But doesn’t seem to do anything.

Setting up a TURN server seemed to connect the tcp connections if I remember correctly as tested some time ago. I’m worried however having to scale not only the jvb servers but TURN as well.

Did you read the tcp documentation for jvb ? here are the relevant points:

# Warning
ICE/TCP is not the recommended way to deal with clients connecting
from networks where UDP traffic is restricted
### *org.jitsi.videobridge.DISABLE_TCP_HARVESTER*
Type: boolean

Default: true
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Thought I read it or at least searched trough it, but guess not well enough.

Thank you very much!