Tapping Meeting Info option, it navigates to invite a user through social media apps from mobile

Hi Team, I have been using Jitsi SDK for an meetup through react Native. Here am facing an issue with Meeting Info(from three dots option). While tapping it navigates to invite users through apps.

  1. Can i hide the meeting info?
  2. How can i get the meeting info properly while tapping the same?

Platform : React Native

Can you upload a screenshot?

Hi damencho please find the screen shot. i have integrated with react native sdk. while calling the callback method call() am getting the screen with three dots option, where i can see an option called meeting info. on tapping it navigates to invite users screen

Yeah, this is called Invite people in latest releases I see, not Meeting Info.
I see there is a feature flag you can use to hide the invite button: ‘invite.enabled’