Take screenshot of conference

We’re looking to add a screenshot functionality to our jitsi installation. The idea is that the moderator can press a button to take a screenshot of the video conference and the screenshot will be uploaded to our server.
Is something like this possible, and if it is can someone please point us to the right direction?

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You’ll find a desktop application to do this faster than anyone will implement this in Jitsi Meet.

Firefox has a built-in screenshot feature, you could use other software like rsync, Nextcloud to sync to your own server / other desktops etc.

external desktop applications or browser extensions would work on a personal level, but we are trying to deploy this solution to potential consumers and we cant enforce every consumer to download an extension.
I was wondering if we could use the jitsi videobridge video stream somehow? Is there an api where we could potentially access the videobridge stream? If that was possible, we could just save 1 frame of the stream whenever a button was pressed

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This can be done with a minor hack to Jibri and using a fake ffmpeg.

can you please go into detail? or link relevant posts?

Hello @Splasheo_o,

It’s necessary to install Jibri first. There are some posts and documents about how to install Jibri, maybe you already know it.

When someone starts a recording action from the menu, Jibri starts an ffmpeg process. It’s possible to customize this ffmpeg’s parameter to take a screenshot. The related topic is here

There are many documents about taking screenshots with ffmpeg on the Internet.

thanks for taking interest.
With jibri, the user would have to manually start recording on every call in order to take screenshots, which is kind of a bummer.
And my limited understanding of jibri is that we can only have 1 recording session at a time. This is also a downer, what if we have multiple conferences going?
Is there a way where we could use ffmpeg to capture the live conference call as it is happening and call a command/function on button press to save 1 frame of the video feed?

I’ve followed this guide and setup a function that takes image on button click. The problem is that when I run it, I dont see the video feed.

Also when I run the screenshot function, a new user appears for some moments and then disappears.
I have 2 questions,
1-Is there a way for me to get the link of the video stream directly? (so that I can grab the actual video stream)
2-I there a way for me to hide the screenshot user?

the function works by creating a headless chrome instance > going to the meeting url > take screenshot using puppeteer > return screenshot image.

I suggest doing this on a Jitsi Web App. So patching web app, for screenshot button, which will (if authenticated by JWT) send that data to backend (backend will check JWT if valid than accept or drop screenshot payload). This is lighter solution than bringing up Jibri.

I have been trying multiple ways to do this on the web app. I have a custom install on an aws server.
I have been successful in patching a custom button to the conference room but I am stuck at taking the actual image.

Refer to this thread for more info.

Maybe point me in the right direction as to how I can capture the conference’s video feed. If I can do that, then my issue will be solved.

I have the same problem as you have :slight_smile: