Take photos with Jitsi

Hallo Community.

Is it possible to configure Jitsi like this?
Video one way: From mobile phone to desktop (Without mobile-app)
Audio two way
Take pictures on the desktop during the conference.
Select camera from desktop on mobile phone.

Sincerely yours

No this is not possible.

How can I start such a project?


The video shows an app that at some point makes a video call, that is possible. Many of the features are outside of the scope of jitsi, like the calling itself and sending pictures, but it can be done.
Mind that jitsi-meet and the videobridge goal is to provide a video conferencing solution which is way more complicated than a p2p call and running that whole infrastructure just for p2p calls is overkiyand not worth it.
There are plenty of P2P call examples wirh just using webrtc.

The task would be that the connection with the customer works via a link and that no app is required.
And I thought Jitsi worked well to have a stable connection.
What possibility do you see to achieve this?

If you aim to use just a mobile browser on the customer side, we only provide mobile SDK for developing a native app.
There are plenty of examples of establishing webrtc connection between two browsers including a mobile one, so start from there.