Take control of the computer of another of the participants

In my opinion, it would be very useful if, upon request, it would be possible to take control of the computer of another of the participants, and perhaps provide assistance, almost as a teamviewer.

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This is already available for participants who use the Electron app, check the three dots menu on their thumbnail.

Very well, but why is this electron app not present on the site?

Good question, I’ve been using Jitsi Meet for months and only very recently discovered it too!

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Me too.

It’s only a guess, but I think this may be because the Electron app had been developed while jitsi.org was still part of Atlassian (the released version 1.1.1 is signed with an Atlassian certificate). The latest versions include some updates and bugfixes but are not code-signed. I therefore conclude that these are more like WIP and not fully released to the public yet.
In consequence, I do not recommend less technically inclined people to install the Electron apps since I don’t want to encourage them to install software from unknown sources (and getting used to the process of accepting invalid certificates/no signatures).

However, all of the above is pure speculation on my side and I’d be happy to hear more about the current state of the Electron app. Perhaps one of the developerse (maybe @saghul ) can provide some details?