Systemd less packages available?

The title says it, are packages for non-systemd-distributions available?

Nope, sorry.

You can run the Docker setup perhaps?

I know packaging is quite a work. I was hoping for

Void Linux Enter the void - Packages
Devuan Linux

but for now I just try to understand the dependencies and configs and I will see if I can deploy it on something different.


The total and complete scripted OS I can recommend.

We have no resources to maintain more packaging flavours, sorry.

That said, I don’t think we depend on any systemd specific behavior, so switching should be simple, but that will be up to you to maintain.

Devuan with OpenRC works well with the Jitsi Debian repository, almost out of the box. Only needed to re-run certbot after installation and add jitsi-videobridge to default runlevel with rc-service.

There are also some packages in the testing branch of Alpine Linux, something to look out for in the near future.

Unfortunately I gave up on FreeBSD after weeks of not getting it to work.