System Maintance

We have been using our own installed jitsi app for 3 months. Suddenly the share screen will not work from a mobile app. Although to the sharer it appears to be sharing no video is passed. Now also when sharing from a pc all shared screen video is blurred (unreadable) except right after the server is rebooted. I assume there is some maintenance that needs to be done but I don’t know what to do. A system maintenance manual would be very helpful.

Enable this and see does that changes anything?

Changed conf.js in etc/jitsi/meet to enableLayerSuspension: true

Nothing changed.

was jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/3bf1a1774f7d31e396f436c734c349dd9726c703/config.js#L176 a command? or just reference to line 176 in config.js ? Also it looks like 176 is a comment so did changing a comment do anything?

Transmitting screen from ipad using chrome was now very slow but legible

You need to uncomment it and have in config enableLayerSuspension: true, and then test.

We have that switched on by default in the latest, so it will be on by default in the next stable.

Ok now the screen share is legiblle but it shut itself down after about 10 minutes and will not screen share from either a mobile or a pc. It tells the PC it is sharing but nothing is transmitted. the same with the mobile it tells my ipad that it is broadcasting but there is no image transmitted to the other devices

All audio sounds good but there is a 5 to 10 second delay on transition between speakers.

Are there files to be cleaned up? Something seems to be slowing the system down. I have a constant 95 mbps network connection and only have 5 or 6 simultaneous users in only one room at a time.

I have noticed that when I share the screen with only one other user it is very legible but when other users join the quality rapidly degrades to illegible. So with even just 3 people in the conference and one sharing a screen it is entirely illegible.

This morning’s conference also had audio problems with good quality audio but exceeding long delats when transitiioning between speakers.

The system has worked fine for a couple of months and has just recently had these problems.

The pc running the jitsi server is not used for anything but jitsi. I have applied the recent ubuntu updates.

Installed some jitsi updates and now the screen share works fine as long as you don’t changes the user, who is sharing the screen. I had 4 users, shared a screen from a user on an pad and could read it from 2 pcs and an iphone. I stop sharing and then starting sharing from a pc and it was not legible. I stop sharing from the pc and restarted sharing from the ipad and it was again legible.