Switching camera

Hi, guys!

Is there any way in Jitsi Meet API to create an external button and by clicking we need to switch between available cameras on a device? Anyone have implemented something like that before?please send the code and how to call it in a html and also how to list out the available devices using the function getAvailableDevices.

Thank you so much.

Hi all,
I have the same question, was excited to find it here, but disapointed that there were no answers…

I am using the web interface/Iframe and I have created custom buttons for camera on/off, mute/unmute but stauck when I need to call an api get…

I tried api.executeCommand(‘toggleCamera’); but this restricted to mobile web (where I assume th system knows both cameras already)

basically, what I cannot figure out is how to get the deviceLabel/deviceID for the below:

api.setVideoInputDevice(deviceLabel, deviceId);

I assume that if I know the Label or ID a swtich should be pretty straight forward…

help would be greatly appreciated!

what’s wrong about getAvailableDevices ?

I can’t seem to be able to grab the output to process… new to JS, more of a PERL guy…

figured out IDs from console but I have done the following

<div class="iconCall3" id="cameraSwitchButton" onclick="api.setVideoInputDevice(5M Camera (090c:f37d), c81e20e5049bd60268fa37f5ba822ae5a8dfebc64833fa3a5abc319e69d9abc8);"><IMG class="buttonicon" src="/camera.png"></div>

but to no avail…