Switch to unified plan on Chrome


I found the warning on latest Chrome about using Plan B

[Deprecation] Plan B SDP semantics, which is used when constructing an RTCPeerConnection with {sdpSemantics:“plan-b”}, is a legacy version of the Session Description Protocol that has severe compatibility issues on modern browsers. The standardized SDP format, “unified-plan”, has been used by default since M72 (January, 2019). Dropping support for Plan B is targeted for M93 (Canary: July 15, 2021; Stable: August 24, 2021).

Any plans to switch to unified plan?

Yes. We are tracking this and will have it done on time.


will have it done on time.

Are you referring to meet.jit.si?

Our installation is on version 2.0.4468-1. We had it setup around May, 2020.

Do we need to upgrade? or are we fine?

When Unified Plan kicks in, you will need to make adjustments to your deployment otherwise you won’t be able to access it anymore.

When Unified Plan kicks in

According to Chrome, Unified Plan is default since M72 and Plan B support is dropped in M93. I tested our installation through chrome-unstable (M93) and things seem to be working fine. There is no error/warning.

you will need to make adjustments to your deployment

What kind of adjustments?

You should update to the latest stable. Many many things have changed in a full year.

Support for Plan B has not been dropped yet; I believe it’s scheduled to be dropped in the fall. So yes, things will still work - for now. As we inch closer, instructions will be made available on how to adapt your environment. I think the plan is for new releases at that time to have the switch built in.

Yes, I agree that we should update to latest stable.

Question is whether we need to update before 31/Aug/2021 (M93 release date) or will our Jitsi (version 4468) continue to work?

According to this[1] it is planned to be deprecated with M93, which will be released on 31/Aug/2021.

[1] [WebRTC] Deprecate and Remove Plan B - Chrome Platform Status

93 is in beta right now, download it and test it. There is an origin trial you could request to buy you some more time though.

Yes, I tested with google-chrome-beta (Version 93.0.4577.18) and our installation is working fine.

Thank you.

Removal of plan B is now scheduled to M94 or maybe later version.

Unified is enabled on meet.jit.si and is by default used in latest jitsi-meet stable.

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Removal of plan B is now scheduled to M94 or maybe later version.

I’ve heard this a few times now but still can’t find a primary source for the removal being delayed. Have you got one? The main bug for Plan B removal and the bug for the origin trial both still refer to M93 being the version where Plan B support is removed, with the deadline for the origin trial participants being Dec 29, which is approximately the end of M96.

We’re using unified by default since a while now, but in testing I have also noticed that plan-B does still seem to work on M93 beta.

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I am using 6-8 month old jitsi meet code and customized it as per requirement

Will it work, If I update to the latest lib-jitsi-meet or any particular changes required in jitsi meet frontend code?

please let me know the changes required to solve this issue.

This is hard to be answered … you need and jicofo/bridge update … the UI now reports what is being shown so if there are videos outside the view area the bridge is not sending … so I would say just update to the latest stable jitsi-meet.
Maybe it is not easy, but the projects follow the pace of the browsers every 4 to 6 weeks you may expect new things, so you need to plan your changes in a way so you can easily update.
In maybe 2-3 years we had seen 3 times such a breaking change … and all users needed to update to latest.

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Do we need to upgrade JVB and Jibri server ?

Jicofo and jvb yes, its always good idea to keep the components in sync web, jicofo and jvb. Jibri is separate, but you better update that also to latest stable, there some changes about changes in dropbox api if you are using it… They changed stuff for handling tokens and next month meetings longer than 4 hours may have problem uploading

The current implementation called “Plan B” will be deprecated with the release of Chrome M93/94 this month. This was also discussed in the Jitsi community recently ?
What should we as a business take care of ? Is there a proper doc to analyse what is getting affected here and what versions will work post update ?
Please help me out here with more details