Switch rooms / remembering permissions / Jitsi Iframe

Hello there, Jitsi is really cool.

One thing I am struggling with is to switch rooms. I would like to have e.g. 10 Breakout Rooms and would like to send the users to these rooms. I am currently doing that by assigning a new iframe for the breakout room and killing the master room via javascript remove element.

This works but has the ugly sideeffect that the users always have to reenter the cam and audio permissions.

Maybe (well surely…) there is a more elegant method to do so. Any help would be great!

Thanks to all and stay safe!

What browser are they using? The camera and mic setting usually persists in the browser cache for a while, save for Firefox which repeatedly prompts (and I think Safari too, if I recall accurately). Have them use Chrome and also be sure to disable the pre-join screen.

Thanks Freddie, that clears a lot for me. So I will check the browser beforehand in PHP and show a splash screen with a warning or recommendation.

Was anyone able to resolve this issue in Safari?

It’s not really an issue per se, it’s just the way Safari operates with set preferences. If you don’t want to have to explicitly authorize use of mic and cam in Safari, you can change that option in your Safari Preferences.