Switch front and rear camera by configurations?

hi there!
this is my first posting comments,so go easy on me :grinning:

well,i tried to add my config.js below but it doesnt work.
when i access my jitsi server by the browser and then it start with the front camera.

constraints: {
  video: {
    aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
      frameRate: {
        max: 15
      height: {
        ideal: 720,
        max: 720,
        min: 180
      facingMode: { exact: "environment" }

is this wrong way to switch camera?
so now i want to know how can i switch camera when someone access the server.

im looking forward to resolving this matter.

when i access my server,use parameters like this…maybe it doesnt matter.

or can i swtich camera with url parameters?..

So you basically want to start calls with the back-facing camera at all times, correct?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes,thats correct.could you tell me the solution?
(By the way, is it possible to switch in that way?)

Sorry, we don’t have a solution for this at the moment.

for example, is it possible to execute the camera switching button operation in the HTML onload event? or do you have any idea something eccentric way to…