Supported browsers Jitsi

HI there,
thank’s for having you guys.
We build a Jitsi instance in a couple of hours. The performance is great. It works great on chrome for desktop on Windows 10

But when we start initial testing for devices and browsers capabilities we find out that
on mobile phones and tablets it can be used via the apps for iOS and Android only

When we test we saw that if we force the mobile browser to open the desktop version ot jitsi then it works
Do you have some list with supported browsers per device category operating systems?
As far as I get it жици works on chrome for desktop on windows 10 and on Microsoft edge chromium for windows 10

all the mobile phones and tablets for iOS and Android need to use the apps in order to use Жици is that is?

if you do not have any info or documentation about the issue then we will share our test results with you in a couple of days

We do not support the web through the mobile browser, it may work but it may have problems. The mobile apps have native integration for the devices and other stuff and there are some tweaks around networking.

I just tried a jitsi instance and it said:

Is looks like you’re using a browser we don’t support.

Please try again with the latest version of Chrome and Firefox

Are those two the only supported browsers?
This was on Windows 10 desktop.