Support windows 10 for your product and the most used browsers internet explorer & EDGE


Your largest volume of users will be professionnals that need to meet online. Most professionals in this world use Windows 10 with its browser, Edge.

So what a surprise when I tried today for the first time to find a way to use Jitsi on my windows 10 PC : no download for Windows on the Jitsi site, only android or apple apps. Then no way to use the service on Edge browser, forcing me to use Chrome which is not so good for privacy reasons (Chrome belongs to Google which is the biggest big brother there is right now).

I do not understand this logic of not supporting Windows 10 and/or Edge. This will result in Jitsi being a tool used only for the Linux freaks and Windows haters.

A pity. I’m forced to return to using Zoom or Skype.

I don’t hate Windows and I’m a Linux freak apparently. WebRTC started with a modified version of WebKit which Chrome, Chromium, Safari, Vivaldi and many other browsers are based on. Supporting Internet Explorer wouldn’t fully support HTML5 and require Flash or ActiveX. I expect many IT professionals have strong opinions about this.

Have you tried the latest version of Microsoft Edge?

Are you suggesting a Windows App of some kind might be a sensible solution?

Edge uses the Blink (Chromium which is open-source Chrome) engine and is also closed-source. Microsoft is also one of the ‘biggest big brothers’; no better than e.g. Google regarding privacy, so if you and other professionals really cared, you’d switch to Linux, although it’s not easy now understandably because not all software’s compatible with it or works well. There’s also the Jitsi Meet Electron desktop client that you can use on Windows. If you’re just talking about the client and not running your own server, then it should work now on Edge, but it’s recommendable to use the Electron client if you don’t want to use Chrome/Chromium.

Since when was 2% make it the most used. Ie isn’t even there