Support Music Mode Toggle

Like endless churches during the pandemic we started using Zoom but around 6 months ago I moved to self-hosted Jitsi and love it. As we are a smaller group we want the discussion and interaction otherwise we would just use one of the many streaming services. Our meeting format is fairly normal in that we have music at the start and then have teaching/discussion later. I’m aware of the threads discussing how to get the best sound for music however the catch is that if you configure Jitsi to sound best for music not great for discussion and visa versa.

I would really love it if the main presenter could toggle between a Music mode and Discussion mode in real time without restarting sessions. During music we don’t want or need to hear remote participants, so even if it was just one way HQ audio streaming that would be perfect.

Is this even possible and in the mean time what settings would be best to get some middle ground?

Did you try share audio from the menu?

I don’t see any share audio option in the menu, how do I enable it and what does it do?

You may check the feature on If you don’t have this, probably your Jitsi version is older.

Thanks emrah, I just checked on the site and even there I do not have that option, I only have share video? Should I report this as a bug, what does it do specifically?

What browser did you check with?

Firefox, but just checked with Chromium and yes I see that option now. I assume you go to Chometabs then share audio of the jitsi tab. I will test but is there documentation that explains what differences this will make and how it might help address my original query?

So adding to this I’ve tested more today. I found that share audio makes no difference that I could tell. Chrome only gives the option to share audio of a tab, so I can only select the jitsi meet tab but I could hear no difference it was extremely poor for music.

When I start the meeting with the #config.disableAP=true&config.stereo=true flags then it sounds significantly better. So I think I find myself where I started, requesting a Toggle mode that the moderator can use.

Should I create a ticket on github for this or will it never be considered?