Support for plugins to add functionality in meet



Are there any plans to include some sort of API or plugin support to be able to add new functionality in meet? This was a big thing in Google Hangouts (when that was still a video conference). You were able to add things like soundboards, on-screen dice rollers, and collaboration tools. Personally I would love to use Jitsi for RPG-sessions.

Of course I can see that one might argue that this is a thing for client side software, like OBS or similar, but Jitsi already include desctop sharing, shared documents, and similar.

Is this far beyond the goals for Jitsi, or something being discussed?

If this has been brought up at another time I am terribly sorry to have re-opened the subject, I did search the forums but could not find anything.


We had similar plans for GSOC projects last year, integrating Dropbox or collaborative drawing, but no one worked on that.
The idea was to separate the shared documents and sharing a youtube video in a way where you can plugin similar stuff like dropbox integration, for exchanging files, embedding etherdraw for collaborative drawing. So we are open to such features, but we do not have the resources to work on that.