Support for IBM Power Linux LE (ppc64le) platform

Hi All,

I have just started working on evaluating and understanding what it would take to port jitsi and its ecosystem to the IBM Power platform and referring to and, I went through each Dockerfile in an attempt to identify upfront all the components that might be needed and any dependencies that may not already be available on ppc64le.

I further attempted to build and execute the automated tests for each component / dependency / sub-dependency and the summary is that most of these are either present or build fine and tests pass on Power. jicofo, jitsi-meet, prosody, jitsi-videobridge, etherpad, jibri, jigasi, frep, s6-overlay and jicofo were some that I validated and barring a test failure in jicofo, all others passed.

I am yet to integrate and test everything functionally but before that wanted to understand, if there are any components that I am missing here and what would it take to solicit community’s support (mainly in terms of providing binaries and containers) for this if I were to port this all the way through?

Looking forward to your thoughts and pointers, thanks in advance!

  • Priya

any feedback, thoughts on this?