Support for consoles Playstation 4 / 5 PS4 PS5 needed

I am a Playstation 4 user since the start of that console. There were news that in the near future there would be skype support. After Microsoft bought skype plans to get skype or any videoconference software for Playstation 4 were canceled. So i know there is a need from the users for a videoconference solution on Playstation.

What challenges are there to get an app for the Playstation Network using Jitsi software?
The proprietary browser from playstation is not supported for using jitsi, so i guess the Playstation 4 browser is not an option right?
The Playstation 5 is the next gen console, which is currently under development. Is there a chance that jitsi might run with that generation of console?
Would a beta-tester community from Playstation 4 or 5 users to test any development prototypes help or is it better for the developers to have a console at their place to fix all the errors?

Glad to hear from the community
Sincerly 0815ps4